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Fagor Ederlan Brasileira has as its main objective the satisfaction of its customers, emphasizing the planning and incessant search for continuous improvement of its products, processes and services. Fagor Ederlan Brasileira continually invests in quality programs and is certified by IATF16949.

Quality Objectives

• Establish a cost policy consistent with our customers expectations and with market conditions.
• Seek continuous improvement of our products quality through the improvement of the working procedures and corrective actions, which are evaluated by analysis of pre-established indicators.
• Continuously improve the quality of customer service.
• Seek professional skills development of our employees through training

Implemented Customers Specific Requirements

Prêmio Q1
VDA 6.3

Quality Controls

In the Quality Control area, Fagor Ederlan Brasileira has the most advanced technological resources to control its products during the production process.

Metals Laboratory

We have a fully equipped laboratory that works in line with the manufacturing process, controlling all raw materials and processed products.

Our tests are carried out through a complete set of equipment such as image analysis, tensile strength machine testing, Charpy machine tests and spectrometer.

NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

In all our finishing lines, we have a complete structure of non-destructive tests to ensure 100% quality of products supplied to our customers, through tests of nodularity, metal matrix, crack inspection and X-ray.


All our products are checked dimensionally during the production process through the control device developed exclusively for each product type, and also have a full line of equipment for measurement, such as measuring machines by CNC coordinates, profile projector, roughness meter and measurement devices.